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The focus of IT doctors is on small to medium-sized companies. Our team acts with maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time.

Is everything going smoothly? Then the IT doctors are behind it – comfort and security ensure pleasant work.

The success of medium-sized companies is the focus of our activities. As an industry-independent system house, IT doctors offer economic know-how and outstanding technology expertise from a single source. Our customers appreciate the manufacturer-neutral IT consulting, the goal of which is stable IT solutions with the highest possible security.

When we talk about service, we mean service all the way round.Secure, highly available systems are part of this, as well as the constant flow of information about new developments, upcoming changes and opportunities for improvement.High standard – field-proven building blocks.

Transferring responsibility for a security system requires a high level of trust, because much of the company's success depends on the security of the IT system. That is why we are proving every day that we are worthy of this trust. Through direct, open communication and fair dealing, long-standing partnerships develop. A collaboration in which everyone can rely 100 percent on the other. The steady growth confirms the success of this philosophy. Customers who have found their way to IT doctors find their IT system house in Reutlingen no longer want to miss our service.


IT-ÄRZTE computer specialists have been active on the market for 10 years. In 2010, Baris Sariyildiz founded the IT system house. Even the customers of the first hour (at that time mainly small to medium-sized enterprises) wanted to concentrate on their core business and to find an IT partner for their own network.

As an IT service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, we were confronted with constant pressure for change and adaptation on the part of our customers. Customers had to react time and again to changing tasks – we supported them from the very beginning.

Over time, we came up with an idea: We wanted to create a complete solution for the entire IT infrastructure that would meet 100% of multiple requirements:

  • Smooth operation thanks to reliability
  • Extensive range of services
  • Based on proven
  • Well-calculated costs
  • Affordable for SMEs

We developed this guiding principle beyond different stages. The result was our IT Service Flatrate, which started in 2005. We are serious about the flat rate: our customers are not confronted with additional costs and performance limits.

Here you will find an overview of the included services:

By the way: We have not only been on the market for a very long time, but also very successful. The best praise of our customers for us: "Flatrate really works for you". We are happy to hear this phrase more often!

What distinguishes IT-ÄRZTE?

We support you as an IT partner where you need it.

  • We analyze your infrastructure status quo
  • Our advice is tailored to you – no (!) Sales catalog!
  • We create a secure and financially reliable concept for your IT landscape
  • We are available 365/24/7 with support

We are there for you remotely – and on site

We take care of your IT in a forward-looking manner so that it works reliably. If problems occur, we solve them remotely during short reaction times, i.e. remote maintenance. If this is not enough, we will act on site.

  • Installations (software, hardware, servers)
  • Updates and backups

Protection against hacker attacks

The risk of hacker attacks can never be completely ruled out, but minimized. Many years ago, we developed a sophisticated and multi-layered security strategy for this purpose. This way you can rely on sophisticated and well-thought-out backup concepts. We have continuously optimized this security strategy over time. Our security concept is constantly being adapted to new developments.

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Whether flat rate, individual consultation, hourly or project basis: We find the optimal solution for your needs.