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Refraction and eye pressure masks

The refraction and intraocular pressure values are displayed in tomedo® in special masks that are located in the patient's file as “custom card entries”. Historical values can be displayed as a history graph with a click.

Problem-free device connection

Our technicians have a lot of experience with most common devices such as lens meters, refractometers, phorometers, tonometers, keratometers, etc. The connection options for unknown devices are precisely clarified in advance of each installation.

Fill out and sign on the iPad

Your patient signs anamnesis and information sheets as well as declarations of consent on the iPad. With the signature, the pressure sensitivity is also saved, which increases the legal security of your documentation. The prerequisite for this is either a “Bamboo Fineline 2” stylus from WACOM; or the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

Individual prescriptions for vision aids

In addition to all other forms that ophthalmologists usually need, we also have prescriptions for vision aids on board. You can adapt these to your wishes in terms of design and content in the extensive form management.

Besser als Lego

Sie können in tomedo® beliebig viele Text­bausteine anlegen, in die Sie sogar Variablen wie Fragen einbauen können. Damit reduziert sich Ihr Schreib­aufwand ganz erheblich.

Eyes drawing

In a special card entry type "eye drawing" you can store notes, markings or even pictures on an eye diagram in order to precisely localize your documentation. You can also easily replace this eye scheme with your own background of your choice


The KBV license officially legitimizes tomedo® as practice software for medication prescription according to AVWG, online billing, 1-click KV-Connect / KV-Safenet, eArztbrief, DMP-eDoku, early diagnosis colonoscopy, importing laboratory data and printing blank forms. The electronic documentation of skin cancer screening (HKS-eDoku) is also used successfully in numerous general practitioners' practices.


  • Abrechnungs­schein
  • Überweisungs­schein
  • Belegärztliche Behandlung
  • Notfallschein
  • Schwangerschafts­abbr. Datentransfer


  • Asthma Bronchiale
  • COPD
  • Diabetes Mellitus Typ I
  • Diabetes Mellitus Typ II
  • Koronare Herzkrankheit
  • Brustkrebs


  • Früherkennungs­koloskopie
  • Hautkrebs­screening

Labordaten kommunikation

Arzneimittel verordnung (AVWG)

Heilmittel verordnung

Blankoformular bedruckung



  • Hausarztzentrierte Versorgung (HzV)
  • Weitere Selektiv- und Facharztverträge

S3C-Schnittstelle (gevko)