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Company-related billing

We have adapted the invoicing so that collective invoices can be created very easily for each company. The costs that arose within the company invoice per patient are also output (and, depending on the individual configuration, other parameters per patient).

Mobile working: online and offline

You can remotely access your tomedo® server via a VPN tunnel if it is e.g. is in your headquarters. The required patient files can be preloaded for locations without internet access. You can then completely document etc. on site and the data synchronize fully automatically as soon as you are back in your network.

Different workflows and templates

Different workflows can be mapped as customizable "to-dos" and "to-do chains". The to-dos can include Handlers or workplaces can be assigned, which can also be grouped for easy administration. All forms such as Routing slips can be fully customized and digitized for the iPad, optionally with a pressure-sensitive signature.

Number favorites for your company medical services

In addition to EBM and GOÄ, you can define your own digits and hourly rates yourself. Any number of freely configurable invoice templates and invoice groups are possible, optionally with or without VAT. You can put together frequently assigned numbers in groups of favorites. The digits can then be called up very conveniently with one click.

Better than Lego

You can create as many text modules as you like in tomedo®, in which you can even incorporate variables such as questions. This significantly reduces your writing effort.


The KBV license officially legitimizes tomedo® as practice software for medication prescription according to AVWG, online billing, 1-click KV-Connect / KV-Safenet, eArztbrief, DMP-eDoku, early diagnosis colonoscopy, importing laboratory data and printing blank forms. The electronic documentation of skin cancer screening (HKS-eDoku) is also used successfully in numerous general practitioners' practices.


  • Abrechnungs­schein
  • Überweisungs­schein
  • Belegärztliche Behandlung
  • Notfallschein
  • Schwangerschafts­abbr. Datentransfer


  • Asthma Bronchiale
  • COPD
  • Diabetes Mellitus Typ I
  • Diabetes Mellitus Typ II
  • Koronare Herzkrankheit
  • Brustkrebs


  • Früherkennungs­koloskopie
  • Hautkrebs­screening

Labordaten kommunikation

Arzneimittel verordnung (AVWG)

Heilmittel verordnung

Blankoformular bedruckung



  • Hausarztzentrierte Versorgung (HzV)
  • Weitere Selektiv- und Facharztverträge

S3C-Schnittstelle (gevko)