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Pregnancy calculator

Starting from the first day of the last period, the current week of pregnancy (SSW) and the expected due date are calculated. If the ultrasound results indicate a different current week, this can be used as the "corrected week" as the basis for the calculation.

Mutterpass support

tomedo® offers a digital maternity record that is saved in the patient's file. You can use it to print out new pages in the correct format for the paper maternity passports of your patients; there is no need to handwrite them. The digitally stored data can also be evaluated using the freely configurable statistics or can trigger automated processes (using our "action chains").

Better than Lego

You can create as many text modules as you like in tomedo®, in which you can even incorporate variables such as questions. This significantly reduces your writing effort.

BPD and ATD percentiles

For the "Ultrasound" tab of the digital maternity record, we have developed percentiles for the biparietal diameter and the abdominal transverse diameter. With these visualizations, deviations from the normal range can be recognized at a glance.


The KBV license officially legitimizes tomedo® as practice software for medication prescription according to AVWG, online billing, 1-click KV-Connect / KV-Safenet, eArztbrief, DMP-eDoku, early diagnosis colonoscopy, importing laboratory data and printing blank forms. The electronic documentation of skin cancer screening (HKS-eDoku) is also used successfully in numerous general practitioners' practices.


  • Billing slip
  • Transfer slip
  • Attending medical treatment
  • Emergency certificate
  • Abortion Data transfer


  • Bronchial asthma
  • COPD
  • Type I diabetes mellitus
  • Type II diabetes mellitus
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Breast cancer


  • Early detection colonoscopy
  • Skin cancer screening

Laboratory data communication

Medicines Ordinance (AVWG)

Medicines regulation

Blank form printing

e-doctor's letter

GP contracts

  • Family doctor-centered care (HzV)
  • Further selective and specialist contracts

S3C interface (gevko)


Video consultation