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Unique Functions


Efficient practice workflow

By moving to-dos at lightning speed, you always have an overview of which patient is currently being treated by whom in which room. With self-configurable action chains, your employees can tinker with the possible work processes.


Infinite possibilities

With action chains, you can automate recurring processes in our practice software. Very different things such as Card entries, recipes, letters and much more are triggered. Action chains are a powerful tool for efficient practices.


Self-learning billing proposals

With the help of the most modern algorithms from the field of “deep learning”, tomedo® suggests suitable billing codes from the EBM, GOÄ or ICD catalog. Depending on the file entry, diagnosis or to-do, the ideal billing codes are always combined. Also ideal for private practice!


Just dictate findings

Simply dictate findings, diagnoses, etc. into the patient file. You can also conveniently control the tomedo® doctor software using voice commands.


Treat patients online

Patients can be treated online in a video chat by doctors from various specialties. During the video consultation you have access to the digital patient file in tomedo® and can exchange files, chat, draw and take notes. This data is then automatically stored in the patient file.


Appointments are made via your practice website

Patients can make appointments via your website, regardless of whether they are mobile or at home. The online calendar can be easily integrated into your website, adapted to your design and synchronized in real time with the tomedo® calendar on the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

tomedo® auf dem iPhone

Aus der Akte die Navigation für Hausbesuche starten, Befunde per Siri diktieren, unterwegs Termine für den nächsten Tag checken: Die tomedo® iPhone-App ist einfach praktisch. Fotos direkt in die Akte schießen geht natürlich auch.

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Five star support

Our telephone support is there for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including weekends and public holidays. Our competent support staff are always available from 7 am to 10 pm for your concerns. In addition, you can write to us at any time with any problems or suggestions by email or give feedback via our forum.