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Storage & Backup

Losing large amounts of data is a nightmare. There are many, often very sudden, reasons for operational data loss.

  • Fire or lightning strike
  • Hardware loss due to employees
  • Power outage
  • Viruses and ransomware
  • Other IT issues

The principle applies: once data has been produced, it must be absolutely secure. A data set that has grown over years and decades requires a professional storage & backup solution as well as the data circulation of the current day. That is what we are doing.

Our enterprise storage solution is NAS and SAN (Storage Area Network). SAN is a high-performance disk subsystem while NAS systems offer a balanced pricing system. The storage capacities can be continuously adapted to their needs. So there will never again be bottlenecks or overcapacity.

If necessary, the data can also be mirrored into one of our computing centers, so you can also store the data in another location. The backup location can also be used as an alternative data center. This is, for example, extremely helpful in the event of a fire in order to be online again quickly.

Your benefits with our storage solution:

  • All data is secure
  • High-speed data retrieval
  • No overcapacity, no bottlenecks
  • No internal protection of the storage against servers, water damage, etc. necessary

Real-time backups

The loss of current, unsaved data is tantamount to the loss of work done. It is no longer enough to store data only once a day. With our backup management, your data is automatically backed up at short intervals. This is done completely silently and