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Software & License Management

Software can be a productivity boost for your company. Or develop into a black hole that constantly destroys working hours, motivation and efficiency. In our practical experience, many companies work with an inefficient software portfolio.

Do you see inefficiencies due to software failures? Sometimes a kind of „operational blindness“ arises here. Companies work with the programs that have been in use for a long time. In the meantime, new solutions may have come onto the market that are already giving competitors advantages. Does each department in your company use its own software? Then you are probably wasting a lot of effort on coordination, documentation and cross-departmental communication. This effort can be reduced with an integrated solution.

Outdated software often becomes a creeping cost driver

Are you the only one in your industry who still uses an application? Then you will likely have to spend a lot of money training new employees. And if problems arise, only a few consultants are familiar with them – there are clear disadvantages for you.