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Hardware & Computer Systems

Optimized hardware saves costs and increases the efficiency of numerous processes in the company. We support you in setting up your hardware park. It does not matter whether hardware should be purchased or an existing stock is optimized.

Our advice supports you in several goals:

  • Cost-effective acquisition
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Minimized personnel costs for hardware support
  • Minimization of acquisition investments

In our experience, errors often occur when purchasing hardware. It’s not enough for hardware to meet your organization’s needs in the present. Efficiency can also be measured by the costs incurred for subsequent adjustments. Can capacity be scaled cost-effectively? Can iact to make changes to critical software?

Our hardware consulting thinks from your company. The specific situation of your industry is taken into account right from the start.

Purchase, maintenance and replacement of any hardware

Take advantage of our purchasing advantages. We know the German and international market for hardware and can realize the best possible price/performance ratio. We advise you specifically on specific manufacturers and products and their quality and suitability for your company.

Processors, memory, peripherals, mobile devices, cabling: we get you what you need.

Acquisition, installation, support & maintenance

The well-planned purchase of hardware is not enough. We advise and support you far beyond that. After the jointly planned purchase of hardware, we take over configuration and installation up to operational functionality.

After that, we will be on hand with comprehensive support. If a device is defective, we repair the fault by means of remote maintenance or make a replacement at short notice. We take care of all necessary maintenance services. Your hardware personnel is limited to the effort it takes to contact us.

Is hardware even important in the age of the cloud?

In fact, hardware seems to be losing some of its importance in the age of the cloud. Many applications only need a browser, because the entire upstream infrastructure has been outsourced and only the „final product“ can be seen.

However, no conclusions can be drawn from a general trend about one’s own company. The Gretchen question is: Can they outsource what your hardware does in practice and without loss of performance? If so, hardware will also lose importance to you. If not, wrong decisions around hardware are a limiting factor for your success.