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Protect your data with a cloud backup!

There is a lot of data on the computer’s hard drive, the loss of which would often be dramatic for the PC user: reminders in the form of photos, music and videos, important documents, forms, invoices, emails and contact details, appointments and many other indispensable documents.

In the event of a hard drive defect, it is not uncommon for all data to be lost. It should therefore be a matter of course for every computer user to perform a regular data backup. But even if you only store your data on an external hard drive every few weeks, you run the risk of losing the data. In case of theft, fire, water damage or accidental deletion, all data would still be lost.

If you really want to protect your files, you can’t avoid dealing with the topic of online backup. The user data is not stored locally, but transmitted over the Internet and stored in our data center, which is certified by TÜV in accordance with DIN ISO 27001, and is located in Germany.