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IT Service Flatrate, IT Company Stuttgart and surroundings

A fixed monthly price for all services

With our IT Service Flatrate you get a well-defined package of services at a monthly flat rate. Your monthly costs are therefore constant and easy to calculate.

You can choose between the „Supporter“ flat rate and the „Unlimited“ flat rate. With the Supporter Flatrate, your IT is professionally supported, with the Unlimited Flatrate you can outsource all your IT. Both flat rates can be adapted to your needs with different options. A fixed monthly price also applies when choosing these options.

IT Service Flatrate Supporter

The Supporter Flatrate offers you modular IT services. Outsource the part of the IT that is particularly complex for you. The Supporter Flatrate supports your in-house IT in all areas and provides daily support with short response times.

  • For companies with more than 5 employees
  • Higher productivity, lower costs
  • Support with short response times
  • Troubleshooting via remote maintenance
  • For server and workstation
  • Including security, documentation and many more
  • max. 25 €
  • per desktop/notebook
  • per month
  • max. 79 €
  • per server system
  • per month

Quantity-based price scales on request.

IT Service Flatrate Unlimited

The Unlimited Flatrate offers you a complete solution for your entire IT landscape. All applications are available for use. The Unlimited Flatrate offers unlimited help desk tickets, on-site service, reduced response times and (optional) 24/7 support. Compare the monthly fixed price with your current costs!

  • For companies with 10 employees or more
  • Server Installation + Administration
  • Workstation Installation
  • Documentation and security
  • Reduced response times and on-site service
  • 24/7 support and other options possible
  • max. 39 €
  • per desktop/notebook
  • per month
  • max. 220 €
  • per server system
  • per month

Quantity-based price scales on request.Request a non-binding IT service flat rate offer now!  

These benefits are offered by the IT service flat rate of IT-ÄRZTE

Less non-material time

– How much time does your company spend each month solving OR at least „treating“ IT problems? Too much! Simply outsource your IT problems. As a user of the flat rate, you can be sure that the booked services actually work.

Higher productivity

– Are the components of your IT optimally matched to each other? Does your IT fit the company in the best possible way? Most farms cannot answer „yes“ to at least one of these questions. Then switching to a flat rate model increases your productivity. The components and applications then used are as suitable as possible for each other and for you.

Calculable costs

– What are the actual costs of your IT if you add up internal personnel costs, external consultants, licenses, purchases, etc.? With the IT service flat rate, costs are not only lowered, but also more calculable. Suddenly necessary additional expenditure for purchases and consultations for regular operation no longer accrues.

Short response time

– Whether supporter or unlimited: During normal office hours, we are quickly available for you if problems occur. In the Unlimited Flatrate, our support is available with particularly short response times – optionally even 24/7.

On-site service

– As an IT company in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, we also look after our customers on site in the Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Tübingen, Metzingen, Hechingen, Mössingen region. In the Unlimited Flatrate, we are automatically available with on-site service through our nationwide service points. In the Supporter Flatrate, this is optionally possible.

Personal IT consulting

– IT support at IT-ÄRZTE is not an anonymous call center. Whenever possible, your IT will be supervised by a permanent contact person and a representative. The two specialists know your situation and can act particularly quickly and purposefully. You don’t have to explain a „problem“ every time…

Interference by remote maintenance

– A message to us is enough. We quickly determine what is not working in your IT via remote monitoring. Then we fix the error by remote maintenance. This minimizes downtime and the associated productivity losses.