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Everything for the requirements of your daily law firm

Access to all information at any time

All files are digital and can be called up at any workstation – complete and up-to-date. Once entered, information can be used for other purposes. With the mobile solutions from RA-MICRO you also have flexible access to your dates and appointments. On the go or from the home office.

Clear file structure on the PC or mobile

With RA-MICRO you can create individual organizational and folder structures for your law firm. Within this structure, all documents and information are automatically and transparently assigned to the respective files. Documents and information are always in the same place. The standardization of the structure makes it easy for every employee to find what they are looking for.

Fewer work steps and enormous time savings

Search functions in files and addresses make it easier to find information quickly. Once created, addresses and text modules can be quickly inserted into every letter. Existing templates are called up with just a few clicks. Interactive forms with ready-made texts and calculation tables reduce your workload even more; enormous time savings

All areas of your law firm are interlinked

All files are also linked to the accounting. This allows you to quickly and easily view a file account during a call. In addition to financial and payroll accounting, personnel planning and trainee report books are components of RA-MICRO.

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