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Desktop Management

From the point of view of your employees, all your IT efforts result in desktops. Desktops are the workplaces where your employees are productive. It does not have to be a stationary computer. Laptops, smartphones and tablets are also desktops.

If desktops do not function optimally, the time and productivity losses are enormous. Your employees need several minutes every morning to start up their computers? Does it sometimes take several minutes for databases to be synchronized? Have viruses already failed your desktops in the past? Then you are probably foregoing a lot of productivity.

Our desktop management can help

We ensure that all of your desktops function smoothly over the long term. Desktop management begins – depending on your needs – with the selection and procurement of the right hardware. The setup then follows until it is fully operational.

Desktop management has many interfaces to IT security. This starts with access systems and also extends to anti-virus software. Filters for certain unwanted programs such as B. Messenger will be installed according to your ideas.

Desktop management includes inventory management, maintenance, updates and quick troubleshooting. We replace defective devices immediately, keep hardware and software up-to-date and react 24/7 if the operation of your desktops should ever be disrupted.

You can use our desktop management with every status quo. We install your new desktop park or optimize your existing portfolio.